How to recreate that luxury spa experience at home

We all need some rest and relaxation to help us unwind from our busy lifestyles. When thinking about the perfect respite, luxury spa experiences spring to mind; however, they can come with a luxury price tag.

How to recreate that luxury spa experience at home

How can we create blissful ambience in our own home? You will need some supplies, such as candles and clean towels, and relaxing essential oils, such as lavender. Are you relaxing with friends? If so, you could provide a little tipple for you to enjoy and some healthy snacks.

You will want to think about the space you are using and perhaps declutter to create a clean, calm sanctuary. Use it as a good excuse to get rid of unwanted items.

Preparation is key, so gather your supplies and make sure everything is in working order. Warmth and comfort are synonymous with a spa experience, so the last thing you want when trying to relax is to search the internet for boiler repair Gloucester. It might come in handy to keep a specialist bookmarked, such as

How to recreate that luxury spa experience at home

With this in mind, here is our top five list to help you recreate a spa day:

1. Choose the most relaxing room

The bathroom and bedroom are usually the first choices when it comes to relaxation. You can apply treatments in the bathroom and retire to the bedroom for some peace and quiet.

2. Choose scented candles

Scented candles can create the perfect ambience. The best fragrances to choose are chamomile, lavender and ylang-ylang.

3. Atmospheric music

Unwind to your favourite calming songs or nature sounds, such as singing birds. Find a playlist and put it on a loop so that your tranquillity is uninterrupted

4. Treatments

From face masks to facials and honey hand wraps to skin polishes, you can create your own treatments. Take a look at WebMD for inspiration.

5. Have a bath or shower

Once you have indulged in some treatments, finish your luxury repose with a refreshing shower or slip deeper into quietude with a bath. Use essential oils in your shower, such as eucalyptus or peppermint, to revitalise yourself. Epsom salts in the bath will further relax your muscles and give you the best night’s sleep you have had in a while.

After your home luxury spa, you will feel completely refreshed and ready for anything.