How Do Apprenticeships Benefit Motor Businesses?

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular amongst both job-seekers and employers, especially those working in the motor industry. Manufacturers and showrooms are seeing the benefits and the positive impact of having staff who are on the apprenticeship scheme, as well as those who have completed the programme.

Government Funding

The amount of government funding a business can apply for depends on the type of business and the number of staff on the payroll. Funding can be use to train apprentices and put towards the costs of the qualifications they can achieve while working.

No Recruitment Costs

Rather than paying to advertise any vacancies and spending valuable time sorting through applications and coordinating interviews. Companies taking on apprentices can train potential new employees as they work. This not only gives them valuable work experience but also encourages employers to invest in their staff and get the best out of them.

Car manufacturers are feeling the pressure, and many are having to implement cost-saving plans as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues, with falling sales figures being blamed on consumer confidence.

Value for Money

In 2017, the government published an employer survey which stated 86% of businesses. That were running an apprenticeship scheme feel their organisation have benefit as a result. Three-quarters of those surveyed also reported better productivity and service, demonstrating the success and value apprenticeship schemes can offer.

Specialist Skills

Apprenticeships are tailor to specific industries and plan. By those who have knowledge of the skills required in a particular area. Businesses in the motor trade are particularly suit to this kind of scheme. With many different options available to applicants. For example, those working in sales in the motor industry would need to understand motor trade insurance. If a client is asking what does motor trade insurance cost, trained staff should be able to help point them in the right direction.

How Do Apprenticeships Benefit Motor Businesses?


Employees who are accept on to apprenticeship schemes will be motivate to work hard and succeed. Knowing they are working towards a recognised qualification and that their employer has invested in them will make them committed and enthusiastic.

Any motor trade company looking to take on an apprentice should do so. Safe in the knowledge that applicants are keen and dedicated and have an interest in the industry.