Tips on Training Your Dogs Effectively

Just like a new member of a household, you need to train your dogs how to behave. By nature, your dog wants to please you. Every action they make, they want your approval. But it cannot be done without being taught what you expect from them. Here are some essential training tips that every dog owner should know.

Respect Your Dog

You should be aware of your dog’s action. Sometimes they might feel uncomfortable meeting another person, dog or animal. If this is the case do not force him to greet them. For whatever reason your dog has, if he shows signs that he is not comfortable meeting them then you should respect that. Forcing him could result in serious problems.

Show Affection

It is easy to show your dog if you are unhappy with him, but the good stuff is often ignored. This is not good. Make sure that you praise your dog and give him enough attention when he is doing the right thing. Show enough affection when he’s been a good boy. Be more generous with your attention and don’t forget to praise him. It is okay to go over the top.

Be Observant on What Your Dog Wants

Just because the label says “a treat all dogs love” it does not mean that your dog will love it also. There are some dogs that are selective about the food they want to eat. Chewy and soft treats are more appealing for your dog as compared to crunchy and hard treats. Be observant on what your dog enjoys to eat.

Let him Know What You Want Him To Do

It is okay to say “no” to your dog. There are some pet owners who are hesitant to say no to their pet dog. It is best that your dog knows what you want and what you do not want him to do. If your dog jumps up on someone to greet him and you say no, he may either jump on the other side or jump higher. You can tell him to sit instead of saying no so he will not get confused.

Be Consistent

When training your dog, it is best that you get your family members involved so you will be all on the same page. If your dog jumps on the couch and you command him to go down and someone else allows him to stay there, how will your dog know what you want? Consistency is the secret to succeed in training your dog.

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

It takes time before your dog can change his behavior. You need to be realistic in your expectations about improving your dog’s behavior and how long it will take your dog to change what you don’t like. Normal behaviors like barking, jumping and digging may take longer to change. You need to consider the frequency of his rehearsal. For instance, if you let your dog jump up on people to greet them for the last 7 years and then you have decided to change his ways, this will take longer time as compared to when he was just a pup. Keep in mind it is never too late to change his behavior, only that some may take longer.

Do not Misjudge the Benefits of Giving Good Quality Food

Give your dog a high-quality food with the right amount of protein. If your dog stays indoors most of the time, do not give him food with high levels of protein. Dog food high in protein is perfect for dogs who herd sheep the whole day. The money that you will spend on buying the right and high-quality food, is the money that you will save in vet bills if your dog becomes sick. You can ask your vet for the right diet for your pet dog.

What You Want is not Necessarily What You Get

If your dog displays a behavior, not favorable to you, there is a possibility that it has been reinforced in the past. A good example is when your dog brings a bark and a toy to ask you to throw it. You do what your dog wants you to do. Your dog will remember that if he barks you will do what he wants. If you say no, he will barks louder. And because of this, you will do what he wants and throw the bark. This shows that he learns something from you, persistence pays off. The next time he asks you to throw it ask him to do something for you first before you throw the toy.

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