Quick Tips on how to Groom your dog at home.

Long-hair dogs are beautiful to behold and a favorite for many pet- lovers. However, they tend to get dirty fast and are more vulnerable to accumulate debris and dirt on their coat. Professionally grooming your dog at home is necessary and saves you time. It will help you to keep your dog healthy, free from allergies and infections.
The following are some quick tips for long hair dogs;


Before brushing your dog, it is necessary to have the equipment ready. Get professional advice on the type of combs and brushes that are recommended for your dog breed specifically. Remove the collar from the dog and place it on your lap or make it lie on a clean towel before brushing.
Always start your brushing process with a slicker brush to detangle hair and remove debris. If some portions of the hair are hard to detangle, you can use a dog’s conditioner or detangler to remove.

Once detangled, use a bristle brush to smooth out the coat, brush in the direction in which the hair grows. The key areas to concentrate on when brushing include:

  • The legs,
  • Underbelly,
  • Chin,
  • Neck,
  • Thighs and Tail.


This should be done as often as possible. When bathing your hair, its advisable to use a bathtub or a sink than a bucket or faucet. Use warm water to avoid distressing the dog. Wet the dog, preferably from top to bottom and apply the shampoo and conditioner in the same way. Place cotton wool in the dog’s ears to ensure that water doesn’t get into the ears.

Use your fingers to gently massage shampoo into the fur from head to tail. Pay close attention to facial wrinkles and ear flaps. Ensure that soapy water does not get into the dog’s eyes. Rinse the dog thoroughly until the water is clear. Dry the dog using a clean towel. Allow the dog to shake as this lifts the hair. Brush the hair lightly to detangle. Lastly, remove the cotton balls from the dog’s ears

Dental Care.

Brushing your dog’s teeth may be a bit scary but its key to having a happy, healthy dog. Put a small size of toothpaste on the toothbrush. Gently lift the lips and brush the outer side of the gums and teeth. Repeat this to brush inside the gums and teeth until it is clean.

Tick and mite prevention.

Occasionally, apply some flea and tick prevention medication on the dog’s spine then spread it using a brush. Clean the ears carefully since mites tend to hide in there.

Trimming the dog’s nails.

Some dogs are not used to having their feet touched, and this may take some time before it gets used. Take some time to train your dog on nail clipping and trimming. Ensure that you are at least 2mm far while trimming the nails. This prevents cutting the live tissue which will hurt the dog and result in bleeding. Once you notice the gray or pink oval appearing, don’t trim any further.


Grooming a dog is an exercise that creates time for you to bond with your pet. Always make it enjoyable for the dog, and you will always have a good time with your dog. If there is something you do not understand about grooming, always seek professional advice.





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