Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs commonly known as the Frenchie, are small breed of domestic dog. They were the result of a cross breed between bulldog ancestors imported from England and the local ratters in Paris. They are the most popular dog breed of this time as registered by AKC.

There are different types of food that you can feed your dog food but it’s important for you to feed your Frenchie with the best food in the market. You have to consider certain important elements about the food that your dog feeds on. Does your French bulldog needs something to help manage its weight? Does it need a grain free food? What food does your dog like? These are some questions that you need to keep in mind when purchasing food for your Frenchie.

Best dog food for French bulldogs: for your dog’s health and development.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French bulldog.

This is best for French bulldogs with sensitive stomach. It is designed for easier chewing and is also nutritious and healthy. It also maintains muscle mass due to the protein content that it is enriched with. Royal Canin food supports the skin with nutrients to help maintain your dog’s health both internally and externally. It is perfect for both adults and puppies and is designed to be small enough and easy to consume. It’s important to note that it may take a while for your Frenchie to adjust to this food, but most dogs are love the taste and therefore it’s easy to transition. The packaging of this French bulldog food helps the food to stay fresh and doesn’t cause any bad odor.

Nulo Freestyle Adult Dog Salmon and Peas Recipe.

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

Nulo is one of the most recent brand that has gain popularity. Their foods is very high in protein amounting to about 80-84percent of animal based protein. This food is low in carbohydrates and glycemic as they don’t use wheat, soy, potatoes, GMOs, corn or other food that has high carbohydrate content. The contents of this food include turkey meal, whole peas, sweet potato, deboned salmon, and menhaden fish meal. It also contains 30 percent crude protein, 4.5 percent crude fiber, 10 percent moisture and 16 percent crude fat. Nulo has no poultry or meat by-products and has no artificial colors. It is grain free making it best for your French bulldog.

Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Adult Recipe

A large number of French bulldogs have weight issues, and it can be quite difficult to get them back on track without the right kind of food. Premium edge is the best for weight loss as it is formulated specifically for healthy weight. It contains moderate protein and low fat which promotes a more lean body. The L-carnitine in the formula helps in developing a healthy metabolism for your Frenchie. This food enables dogs to grow muscle and lose fat making the dog to achieve a much healthier condition. The protein levels assists the dog to stay full making it not to eat more often. In addition, the protein gives dogs more energy that enables them to go on those long walk and also stay strong. This dog food is gluten free and also free from other additives.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue buffalo is a popular brand of dog food and most French bulldog owners love it for their dogs. This food is best for weight loss and weight maintenance due to its low levels of calories. It helps your dog to stay healthy throughout their adult life giving you and opportunity to spend more time with them. It improves the digestive process of the dog therefore enhancing stool passage. Eliminates skin rashes, prevents vomiting and diarrhea. This food is rich in the perfect amount of nutrients and proteins just for your Frenchie.

Purina One Smart Blend Healthy Weight Formula

Purina is known for its healthy dog food with a blend for maintaining a healthy weight for the dog. Your French bulldog will get treated to high quality proteins blended together with real turkey. This develops your dog’s muscles and is good for the heart. It contains glucosamine which strengthens the joints, and omega-6. It also has 15 percent fewer calories and 25 percent less fat. This food is delicious and at the same time keeps your dog healthy.

There are too many options when it comes to food for French bulldogs and picking the right one can prove to be tough. Considering the above options will be a perfect way to start, and your dog will have a whole new life immediately you get the right food.


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