How to know when you need a financial adviser

How to know when you need a financial adviser

As you go through life, financial matters can become more complicated, and a professional financial adviser can help you make the most of your finances through investments, pension planning and more.

While not everyone will need professional advice during their lifetime, there are certain situations where even a single consultation can make a huge difference. According to the Financial Advice Market Review in 2017, while 6% of UK adults had received regulated advice in the previous 12 months, a further 25% who had not had advice were considering doing so.

What financial advisers do

A financial adviser can look at every aspect of your finances and help you come up with a plan and make decisions that help you achieve your goals. From investing your savings to managing loans, your financial adviser will have the expertise to make your money grow and work for you. As you get older and your priorities change, your financial adviser can adjust your investments accordingly. This is particularly important for retirement planning.

How to know when you need a financial adviser

They’ll assess your finances and goals with the help of state-of-the-art software for financial advisers from providers such as The software takes care of every aspect of your finances, in addition to providing a platform for you to interact with your financial adviser online. Some software even provides automated advice should a face-to-face meeting not be necessary in your case.

When do I need a financial adviser?

There is no written rule stating when you need a financial adviser. If you have enough money in your bank account that you can put some aside to start investing, a financial adviser can help get you started and plan ahead. You may be reaching one of life’s major financial events, such as starting a family, buying a house or divorcing or anything else that involves planning for the future, including pensions and retirement. In all these cases, you’d benefit from hiring a financial adviser to help you manage your money to get the best possible outcome.

How do I find a financial adviser?

Check in your area for local independent financial advisers. Make sure that they’re regulated. This should be clear on their websites, but if you’re unsure, you can check with the Financial Conduct Authority’s register at